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Jordan Grace

Founder & Teacher

Favorite Dance Career Moment:

Justin Bieber Music Video


Teaching Style:

My priority as a teacher is to create an environment where individuals not only learn how to dance but also develop a profound sense of confidence in both who they are and who they are becoming. Within the class, I strive to foster a warm and supportive community, where students collaborate and uplift each other. It is my goal to uniquely challenge each dancer while also making the learning process enjoyable, memorable, fulfilling, but most importantly fun.


What I would like students to take away from my class:

I aim for students to leave my class with a sense of pride in their accomplishments, having pushed themselves to grow personally and creatively. I want them to feel encouraged by the supportive community we fostered, ultimately leaving with increased confidence in their own identity and abilities.


Luis Lozoya

Founder & Videographer

As one of the proud owners of AREA 54, I am deeply committed to fostering an inclusive culture that embraces and welcomes dancers of all backgrounds and levels. My belief is that a healthy dance culture goes beyond just the movements; it’s about creating an environment where all dancers feel valued, supported, and free to express themselves. With a background in Business Development and Operations, I aim to enhance the overall experience for both dancers and staff. I envision AREA 54 becoming not just a dance studio but a hub for creativity and community engagement.

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Jillian Lovins


Favorite Dance Career Moment:

Dancing in Nissan Stadium at CMA Fest with Tyler Hubbard


Teaching Style:

I teach in a way that challenges your mindset to think in a detail oriented way while taking a deeper look into music by dancing to a variation of musicality. I love to teach more than just hip hop, bringing styles like jazz and contemporary to create more of a fusion style. I hope my energy translates to the class so that everyone feels comfortable and confident to explore the extent of what we can do through dance.


What I would like students to take away from my class:

I hope students leave my class with 1 new thing that they learned, whether that be a dance move, something new they heard in the music, or a new style that we tried. I hope anyone can take away from my class a sense of accomplishment and motivation that they can do anything they set their minds to.


Chmira Dayvon


Favorite Dance Career Moment:

Dancing in the Super Bowl 55 Halftime w/ theWeeknd 


Teaching Style:

I approach teaching with the mindset of “growing together”. My goal each class is to challenge myself as well as the people learning from me. I tend to focus more on stamina/energy, confidence, and personality; to accomplish this, we foster an environment based on communal support and freedom of expression.  


What I would like student to take away from my class:

When people leave my class, I want them to truly have a higher appreciation of themselves and the things they are capable of. We are all on a different journey and our success in and out classroom is not dependent or defined by the lack of mistakes or being the best in the room; it is defined by the effort that we put in to what we’re doing. I begin each class with a communal mantra: “I believe in myself, and I am in control of my  body”.



Sara Laine McNew


Favorite Dance Career Moment:

Getting hired by Tribe99 as a professional choreographer 


Teaching Style: 

My teaching style is thorough, fun, and full of passion! 

I take my time explaining movement dynamics and prioritize making sure people are retaining the choreography. I focus a lot on musicality, performance and building confidence within yourself before making it to the camera for filming. 


What I would like student to take away from my class:

I want people to walk away knowing they learned something new stylistically, pushed themself out of their comfort zone, but most importantly had the best time doing it!! Enjoying yourself and really dancing is what I want every person in the room to experience in each class no matter what the combo is.

@saralainemcnew @saralainemchoreo​

Caelen Goudy

Social Media

I have evolved from being an AREA 54 student, to class assistant, and now to Social Media Manager. The feeling I get from hiphop and the entertainment industry is truly like no other, so now working behind the scenes with digital marketing has been incredibly exciting. Graphic design and video production brings me so much joy, and seeing the love and support people show for both crafts makes my heart so full. AREA 54 has allowed me to bring both my passions together into my “job”, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


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